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We are currently based in Auckland, New Zealand which is home to some of the biggest sport enthusiasts in the world with our main national sport being rugby. The SportsGen team has a history of playing a range of sports and we still play a few social sports in our spare time.

We welcome people from all around the world to use our service and we are continuing to roll out new features. Please let us know if you would like any new functionality in particular and we can investigate implementing it on the site.

What we believe

At SportsGen we believe organising sports competitions should be simple, fast and not have to be done manually or with some outdated computer program. You should be able to simply configure a few settings and then automatically generate a draw and schedule so you can publish it to your website. Your players, coaches, referees, spectators and organisers should be able to keep up to date with games and results on their computers, tablets or phones without any effort.

With SportsGen we believe we have solved this problem for you with our state of the art website. The days of hunting through the newspaper for the sports section then reading the extra small print to find out when your team is playing that week are over. Our site uses the latest web technologies such as HTML5 and works well on modern browsers or tablet devices. We have designed it to be intuitive for you to use so you shouldn't have to look up the help section too often on how to do something.
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How it started

The idea for this website was started in early 2006 by Chris Riley, the founder of SportsGen. He had recently completed a website for a local hockey organisation in December 2005 for free as part of his final year degree project. It was later in 2006 that he got the idea for making a single online service for all sports organisations to use. The idea ended up being put on hold for four years as he was too busy working as an Infrastructure Architect for a large IT company.

It was in June 2010 after a break from work that he decided to actually build the vision and create the website. A new website was built from scratch with new HTML5 technologies. A lot of research into the sport management area and development was done during his spare time. Two years later, on 14 July 2012, the website was released as a beta and tested by various organisations to see if it suited their needs. After some polishing and adding important new features, the site was publicly released worldwide on 14 February 2013.

About the name

If you're wondering what the name SportsGen means, it has a two meanings. Firstly the name means 'sports competition generator' as the 'gen' part is short for 'generator'. Secondly, the word 'gen' also happens to be a British Army slang for 'information' which was used in World War II, so the name means 'sports information' as well.

These meanings fit in well with our company's mission, which is providing an intuitive, automated, sports competition management service and providing real-time, accurate sports information for players.
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