Value to sports organisations
  1. Save time by creating and scheduling competitions automatically
  2. Save money by calculating and publishing results automatically
  3. Save effort by keeping players informed with live updates on your site.
Value to players
  1. Easy to find sports draws and results information
  2. Clear and concise sports competition information
  3. Knowing when games are on and if there are changes.

SportsGen is free

SportsGen is a free service. We are continually adding new features and functionality to turn it into a fully capabile sports event management system. In return for the free service we ask that you provide us with feedback about the site so we can make it better for you, sports organisers, teams, players and everyone else.

Why use our service?

If it's currently taking you hours to manage your sports competitions, then our service is going to save you time, money and effort. SportsGen makes the entire process really simple, from creating the competition, generating the draw, scheduling games at venues, updating results and determining placings right through to publishing the information onto your website. We focussed our efforts into making the interface simple to use and automating the difficult tasks for you.

Direct integration of sports draws and results into your website

The SportsGen service has an excellent Application Programming Interface (API) using JSON which can be used to integrate your live competition draws and results directly into your website. This means that whenever you create a new competition on SportsGen or update a competition, then the current draw and results are immediately reflected on your website in real-time.

This integration work can take a few hours and it is possible to do it yourself or get your local webmaster to do it. We offer a well priced service to integrate the draws and results into your website for you. We can also style the draws and results to match your current website's theme. If you are interested in this option, please contact us for a quote. The one-time implementation price will be based on an hourly rate. The number of hours for this work will usually depend on the complexity of your website and the technologies it uses.

Your data never gets deleted

Competition draws and results are kept on our servers for posterity, that way when you link to the information from your website it will still be accessible in the future and will never disappear.

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