How it works

The easiest way to find out how the site works is to simply sign up for your free account and start testing it out. The site is designed to be intuitive and there are steps guiding you through every process. Below we have outlined the process to get started and some of the functionality and features that you can use to manage your sporting tournaments. Click on any of the images for a larger screenshot.

    The process can be simplified to 3 easy steps:
  1. Create your organisation
  2. Add teams and venues
  3. Create your competitions.
Create organisation

Creating your sports organisation

First you will create your organisation. This will hold all of your competitions draws, results, games, teams and venue data. You will also choose a custom URL so all the competitions and results can be publicly accessed at

It's also possible to have multiple users assigned to your organisation and you can set the different roles and permissions for various tasks on the site so they can perform some tasks but not others.

Adding teams

Next you will create some teams that can be used in competitions. You can create them manually or upload a list of teams from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file which can be a lot faster. Once the teams are created you'll be able to create competitions with them and view their results.
Create teams
Create venues

Adding venues

Next you will create some venues that can be used in competitions. Venues are where the games are actually played e.g. a football field or stadium. You will also enter in the location for the venue so that people know where to find it.

Creating competitions – Settings

Now with all the teams and venues in the system you can start generating competitions and their schedules. At this stage you can choose which type of tournament you want, for example round-robin, double round-robin, or group stage/pool play knockout.

Next you'll choose the sport (which determines the kind of results to be stored), the time zone and other scheduling settings (game time length, how long between games at the same venue and how long between rounds of the draw).
Create tournaments
Select competition teams using manual pool assignments

Creating competitions – Selecting teams

At this stage you can select which teams will be playing in this competition. For round-robin and double round-robin competitions you simply select the teams based on the sport you chose earlier and proceed to the next stage.

For group stage/pool play knockout competitions you can choose to assign the teams randomly to pools or to manually determine the fixtures. It may be desired to manually place the teams into pools for a seeded competition so that the top rated competitors don't play each other until later in the competition.

Creating competitions – Venue scheduling

Now you can choose which venues the competition will be played at. Once that's done you can choose which days and times of the week the competition can be played at for each venue using draggable sliders. Games for the competition will be scheduled into these time slots based on venue availability, game time length and other scheduling settings you chose earlier.

The automated scheduler is the most powerful feature we offer as it allows you to set games on a weekly schedule or even run tournaments that span a day, week or month. Because the schedule is automatically calculated for you, this saves a lot of time than doing it manually. It carefully schedules around existing games already in the system making sure there are no scheduling conflicts.
Select game venue availability
View the generated competition draw

Creating competitions – Viewing draws

After the competition draw has been automatically generated for you and the games scheduled according to the settings and venue availability you will be able to view your new competition. From this page you can filter which games are shown by the round, date, team and pool.

You can also choose to print the draw, edit it manually or publish it to your website. This is the final stage of the competition creation process. Further parts of the site let you edit or manage your competition draw or results.

Draw calendar

We also have an event calendar where you can see all the games across your organisation including when and where they're being played.

This calendar is really helpful for determining if you have a scheduling conflict at any venues or if you just want to see all the games for any particular day, week or month. Games can be colour coded by venue or by competition to make this easier.
View competition calendar and upcoming sport games
Edit tournament details

Draw changes

If you need to edit the competition draw details you can do so easily. It is possible to check for any scheduling issues within the competition if you make changes.

If you need to have a break in the competition, for example a public holiday or other event is on that week, then it is possible to move all the game dates from this date forward using the 'slip dates' feature.

It's also possible to rearrange the knockout games, for example, usually first place of Pool A plays runner up of Pool B, but this can be changed to first place of Pool A plays runner up of Pool C.

Recording results

When saving results, once you have added the scores for each game, the system can automatically determine the winners and which teams proceed through to the knockout stages.

The points scoring system and tiebreaker criteria are all customisable. The current points tables and results are also viewable from the results page along with points tables for each pool.
Edit tournament results
Publish, print and link your competition league draw

Publishing your competition draws and results

The final step is to publish the competition draw and results to your website. The easiest option is to simply link to our website which is hosting the live draws and results. This lets users filter the information and display it how they want to. Alternatively you can link to an Adobe PDF output of the draw or simply print it off.

If you want competitions to be fully integrated into your website with live draws and results we provide an easy Application Programming Interface (API) using JSONP for your web developers to use. We also offer a service to integrate the live draws and results into your site for you and style everything to match your website's design. Check out our pricing page for more details.
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