Privacy statement

1) We comply with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993.

  1. SportsGen Ltd is a New Zealand based company and will comply with the Privacy Act 1993 when dealing with your personal information.

2) You may edit or delete your own data at any time.

3) We will not share your email address or contact details with anyone else.

Your email address will be retained for:

  1. logging into the website;
  2. gaining access to an account where the password is forgotten;
  3. contacting you in relation to a support or account enquiry

We will not send you product updates or marketing material via email. If you want to keep up to date with the website and new features please sign up to our news feed or follow us on one of our social media channels.

4) Your confidential data is stored securely on our servers.

  1. Passwords are stored according to best practice security guidelines and never in plain text.
  2. When logging in, passwords are encrypted before being sent to the server to prevent passive password sniffing.
  3. No credit card data is stored or accessible by us. We currently use PayPal for handling credit card transactions and all credit card data is handled by them over a secure, encrypted connection using TLS/SSL.
  4. Only SportsGen staff will view your account details and only in response to support or account enquiries.
  5. SportsGen staff will never edit your organisation's data without your permission.

5) For competition related data:

  1. Any data you provide or generate in relation to: competition draws; team information; venue information; competition results; and competition statistics will be publicly available on the website unless you specify that the data is private.
  2. You may enable public access to the contact details of competition organisers, coaches and referees.
  3. Player names can be partially or completely hidden for privacy.

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