Frequently asked questions

How do I rearrange the knockout/playoff games?

It is possible to rearrange the order of knockout games e.g. First Place of Pool A plays Runner Up of Pool C instead of the usual First Place of Pool A plays Runner Up of Pool B. This can be accomplished on the Edit page for each competition. In the knockout games section you can rearrange the placeholder teams there. When it comes time to enter results the actual teams playing in the knockout can be automatically calculated for you based on results. You need to be careful when rearranging the playoff teams and make sure you have rearranged it correctly by not leaving any placeholder values unassigned or doubled up. Failure to edit it correctly may make the automated placing calculations fail, at which point you will have to do it manually or recreate the competition.

How do I give other users access to modify competitions in my organisation?

It is possible to have multiple users in your organisation, all with varying permissions on what they can do in your organisation. First, get the other person to register for a new user account on the site. They will be redirected to the Getting Started page on the site. At this point they should not do anything else.

Now go to the Organisation Admin page for your organisation. Down the bottom of the page you will see a link to Add a user into your organisation. Go to that page then enter in the email address that the other person just registered with. The system will find their newly registered user account and on the next page you will be able to set the permissions for that user and what they are allowed to do in your organisation. It may be wise to only let yourself have access to the following permissions: edit/delete organisation, add/edit/delete organisation user. If you give someone else these permissions then they can remove your own access or delete all your data.

Once you have decided on the permissions click the Add organisation user button and the user will be added to your organisation. The other person can now click on the Organisation Admin link at the top of the page and they will be logged into the organisation.

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